How to Get a Free SSL for Your WordPress Website ?


Many of you have heard about SSL what is important for your WordPress website. But you may not know SSL is important for various reasons. Google always likes websites that have SSL. SSL stands for secured Sockets Layer. It is widely developed encryption, which provides a secured connection over the internet. You may have seen that websites use HTTPS. That means they have installed SSL certificate.

Why is SSL Important for Your Website?

SSL is most important for websites that do the transaction online because it supports these following principles:

1.Authentication: SSL always check that it is connecting to the right server, for example- if you are taking payment via Paypal, SSL makes sure that you are really connecting to the PayPal server.

2.Encryption: SSL always encrypts your important data transmission, for your most important information like password, credit card number etc. while submitting to the server.

3.Integrity: SSL always ensures that the submitted data or data that are requested is actually delivered.

Let's Encrypt Free SSL for Your WordPress Website

There are various kinds of other issues why SSL is important like traffic management, file sharing, secure database connection, online transaction, file transferring via FTPs, secured webmail etc.

Why Google Likes SSL Certificate for Websites?

Let's Encrypt Free SSL for Your WordPress Website

Google always committed to deliver the right result to their users. So it always checks that whether the results are coming from a secured or a spam source.

That is why Google prefers HTTPS on your website. And it’s not only for WordPress websites for particular. They are careful about every platform for better user experience. SSL increases users’ trust towards your website and if users are feeling safe while visiting your website, that increases domain authority.

If you are using e-commerce website or selling membership, then you must use SSL for secure transaction. Not only this. If you want to protect your website from bad users, you should have an SSL. So if you are still not using SSL, you should get it today from your WordPress website. In this step by step guide, I’ll show you how to get a free SSL for your WordPress website.

How Does SSL work?

If you are using HTTP connection, while transferring the data, it’s not being encrypted. So it is easier for hackers to steal your important information. While a website is using SSL and passing data from one server to another, it gets encrypted. So the chances are little that you will lose your important data to the hackers. That’s how SSL works.

• While users visit your website and you have SSL certificate installed.

• Users’ browser (Chrome, Mozilla Firefox etc.) check the validity of that SSL certificate.

• Then the server gets the notification that the connection is secure to pass data or starting a new session. If you have sometimes noticed that your browser gives you warning that the website might be unsafe to visit. That means the browser cannot validate the SSL properly.

Let's Encrypt Free SSL for Your WordPress Website

How to Get a Free SSL certificate?

SSL certificates are not cheap unless you are running a big online business. Big companies use their own enterprise SSL service. If you have visited or Amazon, they have dedicated SSL. But general websites can’t afford that. Especially when you are running a small business. Here comes the free SSL.


Let's Encrypt Free SSL for Your WordPress Website

Let’s Encrypt: Let’s Encrypt offers free SSL certificate, which comes handy for small websites and it is very easy for WordPress websites to install Let’s Encrypt SSL. Most of the popular hosting service offers free SSL from Let’s Encrypt. And you can easily install the SSL certificate from their Canel. You can easily compare best WordPress hosting from my previous post. Let’s Encrypt is as good as paid SSL service like Comodo. The benefits of having Let’s Encrypt certificate:

• It’s free

• It’s simple to install

• Most importantly-secured.

• For lifetime use

There is not much difference between paid Comodo certificate and Let’s Encrypt. The only difference is Let’s encrypt only provides domain to domain validation while Comodo uses organizational validation.

If your hosting provider supports Let‘s Encrypt, you will navigate under the security section of your cpanel. Don’t worry if you don’t find it. You can simply contact your hosting support and they will install it within a minute. There is also another free SSL provided by CloudFlare which is a bit tough to install.
Contact Us and We Will give you support.

So that’s all. Install free SSL for your WordPress website today and get priority by Google.

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